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Typewriter Ticker - Multiple Message Typewriter Scroller v5.0

Typewriter Scroller typewrites one row at time then scrolls'em up.
May opt for typewriting portion only - as large as One row or More.

1.Typewriter text scroller has 2 portions: typewriting & scrolling
   with first one at the bottom - Scrolling portion is optional.
2.Every message is typewritten by rows in the bottom portion
   and every row scrolls up along with preceding ones - if any.
   Rows'll automatically be adjusted into one/more such as to fit
   typewriting area. One-row-height is recommended if scrolling.
   There are no enlargement, overflow/overlapping occurrences.
   It holds true even when messages become larger due to the
   change of the browser text size done prior to actual running.
3.One may choose bottom portion as news ticker & no scrolling,
   with 2 height Patterns: one-row or largest message height.
4.Adjustables: Speed, Pause & for portions: Size & Background.
5.There is an adjustable pause between typewriting slices also.
6.Typewriter News Ticker pauses with mouse over any of the
   portions and Javascript Ticker pauses for every message too.
7.Messages may have inside HTML code, inclusive Hyperlinks
   anywhere within and may click them on at any time.
8.It allows local, internal and external Style Sheets & also local,
   internal and any external/remote javascript-text-friendly-code
   source to feed Dhtml Typewriter Text Ticker messages from.

Zip Delivery: appropriate cut&paste & js sections & clear,simple
instructions with scrolling DEMOs running actual Scrollers js code.

Implementation*: cut&paste & set:CSS, Pattern: with/without scroll
Portions: Width and Heights in pixels, Speed, Pauses, Backgrounds,
Messages: 0 through n. Use inline frames for 2 runs on same page.

WIN/LINUX:(+) ie firefox chrome opera safari mozilla ns6 ns4 ...
                MAC OS X: safari firefox chrome ie opera ...
Note*: If any, the web page may use DOCTYPE for (X)HTML documents,
including W3C strict Standards_compliant mode.